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Logo Design and Brand Identity

Logo Design and Brand Identity

A logo is a graphical representation of a brand’s identity. It’s ultimately the face of the company and is what most people will visualise when they think about the company. The exciting thing for the best brands is that, if they cover up the logo design in any instance it’s shown, it will still be recognisable.

So what’s the importance of the logo in the first place? As the logo is only a visual representation of the brand, it’s all about brand identity.

The brand identity is something which appeals to the senses. A brand identity design will unite everything together, and make them one. Everything together will build the perception, and it’s this perception which helps drive value.

The best way to visualise this is to think about a company like KFC or McDonald’s. If you take away the restaurants, the staff, the packaging and everything else related, leaving only the food, you are mostly left with a burger and fries. However, any store you visit, you will learn to expect the food to taste the same. It’s this expectation, or rather, perception, which has been built over time. Everything has been carefully thought about from the way the food is packaged to the way the food is served. This is brand identity at its best.

A brand has more power than people. It can be controlled and used to your advantage. It can be styled and adapted to target the right market. It can be used to manage the perception that drives value, and this is what helps a company to grow.

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How is logo design part of brand identity?

A logo is the peak of the brand. It pulls everything together into a single symbol, which, with time will represent everything that the company has ever done. If a brand is loved and respected, people will become brand ambassadors, wearing that mark wherever they go. If however a brand is hated, no matter what, that perception will be difficult to change. This is why people re-boot their company with a new name, to start a fresh and re-build brand perception.

Smaller companies can quickly look to the more prominent companies and believe they cannot compete, and that a brand identity is not essential for them just yet. Big companies spend millions building up perception. A small company can do the same because every company starts small. Therefore it’s essential to have a vision from the outset and to do everything to remain on track towards that end goal. The service, product, staff, buildings, all of these are touch points, which the customer comes in contact with. If a touch point is designed to meet that expectation, even a small company can build a strong perception from the outset and grow their business.

A logo, especially for small companies, will form the foundations for its brand identity. It will provide the customer with perception, and it will help create the style and attitude of all collateral.

Is a logo design important for my business?

A logo represents the brand identity. Therefore every company needs one to succeed; however, the most critical asset for any company is to build up a perception, and the only way to do that is with a strong brand identity. No logo will make or break this, only time, effort and dedication.

Here at Creative Logo Designers, we’re obsessed with logo and brand identity design. We are among the UK’s top most logo design agencies with a team of creative professionals. If you want a logo design that correctly represents whom you want to be as a business, to target the customers you wish to attract, and give a positive perception from the outset, we can help you on your road to success. Feel free to contact us with your requirements, and we guarantee you nothing but the best!