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Four things people overlook in logo design

Four things people overlook in logo design

A logo is a core aspect of a company’s branding. That is why much effort goes into making a suitable logo for a brand. When a brand has a well-designed logo, it can help the brand stand out from the market. But some things sometimes go unnoticed about logo design. That is why we will look at four things people overlook in logo design.

In order to ensure that a logo is genuinely well-made, we will be looking at some of the often-overlooked elements that can significantly impact logo design. These four elements can help you create a logo that stands out from the competition and can represent your brand in the best light. So, let us look at these four crucial but overlooked logo design elements.


The prominent main elements of a logo may overpower the background, but as it is part of the logo, it has a presence that matters. Well-thought-out and eye-catching backgrounds in a logo can make a significant difference in helping your logo stand out. Ways to make a background more prominent include using a colour that stands out, a background that represents a beautiful landscape or creating a frame that represents the brand. Logos are a representation of the brand, and the backgrounds are a way to express this. Logo backgrounds are also a great way to help establish a colour scheme to create unified branding for the company. That is why paying attention to the logo background can have a great payoff.


The first thing that many brands forget is the concept of simplicity. Everyone wants a logo that stands out, and brands often go out of their way to impress the audience with complex visual elements. But they miss out on the idea that your logo does not have to be complex or over-the-top for it to stand out. In logo design, a logo can stand out for its simplicity. Less experienced designers and brands might focus on going big, but those that understand good design know that a logo with a minimalist style can make a powerful impact. You can make a logo stand out just by focusing on a few critical elements of the brand and adding them to the logo with a unique look. This kind of minimalism and simplicity can make a logo more memorable and recognisable than adding many visual elements.


A logo should be unique to the brand. It represents the brand’s history, values and personality. When a brand sees a logo they like and attempts to copy the design for its own use, that is a mistake. You want to be creative and make something customised that can speak for your brand. Creating a unique logo design takes more effort and can be quite challenging. And there is no harm in looking at other logos for inspiration, but a complete copy will undermine your efforts and do your brand more harm than good. A customised and unique logo will always be more effective than a logo heavily based on other logos. That is why even if you use other logos as a reference, make sure you put your unique spin on it and can bring out your brand’s elements in the logo design.

Brand name

Brand names are another element that can go underused in logo design. Not commonly seen in most industries, having the brand’s name in the logo is more often seen in luxury brands where the name itself has value. It is also more common in some industries, such as fashion, where the brands are often named after their founders, who tend to be renowned leaders in their field. Automobile brands often incorporate their brand names into the logo for similar reasons. When a brand with a recognisable name uses it in the logo, it can add a lot of value to the logo. Using the brand’s name can improve the logo’s recognisability and memorability. It makes it easier for the target audience to associate with the brand and help spread its reach and awareness.


With a better understanding of the things that many miss in logo design, you should consider these things the next time you design a logo. These concepts will help you improve your logo design, but if you find it too challenging, you can always outsource your logo design requirements. As experts in logo design, our team at Creative Logo Designers are ready to help you create a unique, bespoke logo that reflects your values and aesthetics. And because we love to share our logos and logo design knowledge, be sure to check out our other articles and blogs to learn more.

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