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Five of the best online logo design tools

Five of the best online logo design tools

If you want to create a new logo but need help figuring out where to start, then worry not. We are sharing five of the best online logo design tools available to help you get started. Each of the tools has its advantages and disadvantages but can entirely create highly impressive and professional logos.

Adobe Illustrator

Let us start with a long-time industry standard for design tools, Adobe Illustrator. One of the most popular tools among designers for working with vectors, Adobe Illustrator can design anything from posters and flyers to icons and logos. It has a powerful and diverse suite of features, but it has a steep learning curve and can take time to grasp for someone just starting in design. Given its widespread use, however, there are plenty of tutorials to check out. Another drawback is that it is quite costly as a subscription rather than a one-time purchase.

Affinity Designer

For a more budget-friendly option, we have Affinity Designer. This tool is also a vector editor but comes at a one-off cost rather than an ongoing subscription. It has a range of features that, while not as numerous as those in Adobe Illustrator, is still on par with Adobe Illustrator in terms of utility, and its use is growing in use among designers. Affinity is less difficult to learn while still having the capabilities for a professional to be satisfied with its functions.

Canva Logo Maker

For those who are complete beginners in design and intimidated by the scope of features presented by some of the more powerful tools, we have Canva Logo Maker. Canva Logo Maker is a very easy-to-use tool. It comes with several pre-built templates to help you create a highly professional-looking logo. And it does not require a lot of prior experience with design tools.

Squarespace Logo Creator

While Squarespace may primarily focus on the design and development of websites, it also offers a very basic but free-of-cost logo design tool that anyone can use. It is limited in terms of customisation with stock icons and can only really create basic logo designs. All you need to enter is your brand name, and the tool will generate a logo based on the name entered. However, it is incredibly fast, can quickly generate a professional-looking but generic logo, and does not require any design experience to use.


Another simple-to-use logo design tool that does not require any design experience on the part of the user is Looka. You just need to enter your requirements, and Looka will use AI technology to do the actual design work for you. Again, it lacks the customisation ability of the more powerful tools such as Adobe Illustrator. But it does not require any design skills to generate a logo quickly. Looka has a number of templates to choose from, and it does allow you to change icons, colours, fonts and layouts, but that is the extent of the customisation options available. And while designing the logo is free, you do need to pay to download your logo design.


That is our list of five of the best online logo design tools. These five tools cover a variety of pricing options and cater to different levels of design skills in the user. So, whether you are a professional designer or someone with no design experience looking to create a logo for the first time, this list has an option that will work for you.

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