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Most graphic design companies keep their working strategy a secret. However, at Creative Logo Designers, we believe that it is one of the basic right of our clients to know about our working techniques. Therefore, here is a brief outline about how we work on your projects and make extra efforts to ensure their success.

After receiving an order from the client, our team leaders thoroughly study the case and the instructions given along. Following this, depending on the type of services and the complexity of the work, the project is then assigned to a particular writer. If the project needs content development prior to designing, the case is then forwarded to the content writing department, after which it is sent to the design team.

The design team then uses appropriate tools and techniques to create an enthralling and captivating layout, which mainly depends on the colour theme and branding of the company. The first draft of the design is usually sent to the client for approval. After receiving their consent, the design is then completed and forwarded to the client for their final verdict.

Even after following such a rigorous criteria, if our client demands for any specific changes in the text or design of the project, revisions are made as soon as possible. Depending on the type of packages that you are selecting, you can ask for multiple revisions.

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